Keurig B70 Cofee Maker Review

June 4th, 2011 Posted in Cooking, Uncategorized

I am enjoying the best instant coffee I have ever made this morning with a bowl of grapes for breakfast. Maybe not the perfect taste combination but it feels good to me. I brew my coffee with the Keurig B70 home coffee machine. Home coffee machines utilize an enormous variety of production methods to get hot water through a selection of coffee grinds and the Keurig B70 is the pinnacle of technology in that respect.

When searching for home coffee machines you have a few targeted areas of concern. First and foremost you want a home coffee machine that will produce a fantastic cup of coffee for your mug. Next you want the price per cup of coffee to be relatively low. No one wants to spend two dollars per cup of coffee like at a local coffee shop. If you could get the same or better cup of coffee for a lower price, well that is value. Finally you want convenience. If you didn’t care about convenience then you wouldn’t mind getting up on Sunday morning and jumping in your car to visit the local coffee shop to go get your morning coffee and bring it back. But you do care about convenience and that is why you are in the market for home coffee machines.

In all these areas the Keurig B70 is the only home coffee maker that delivers.

If you have been on the lookout for home coffee machines that can make your day easier rather than more complicated then you need to try the Keurig B70 home coffee maker. Keurig makes such an amazing line of home coffee machines and the Keurig B70 is the best in its class. Large water reservoir and the best instant coffee brew you could ask for make it simply beautiful. I love the multiple cup size choices although to be honest I almost exclusively use the twelve ounce pour size.

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